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Cognotent is a web design and marketing consultancy that has been involved in the development of e-commerce websites (since 1995), online social networks, social media measuring tools.  It has acquired a complementary skill-set which includes a range of search technologies, content management systems, aggregation tools, content clustering techniques and hosting. Over 100,000 users have used the company’s content management system. In the past Cognotent have been awarded “Best Technical Contribution” at the Irish Blog Awards. The company has established a press release service and a number of web directory services.  Cognotent has developed a number of applications arising out of the indexation of large volumes of web text and link information.


The company's CEO, an ecommerce pioneer, has experience in designing and implementing successful  ecommerce websites that have received global recognition.


Arising from it's experience in developing search tools and directory services, Cognotent understands how search engines work and is perfectly positioned to advise on an optimised web design and also on how companies should interact across the web to produce a level of engagement that will ensure that their website is prominently positioned in the result pages of the major search engines.  Having built popular blog and twitter aggregators and Twitter metrics for Ireland, Cognotent understands social media and how to use it as part of the solution to achieve the desired outcome: to ensure relevant people visit areas or sites or apps that you control, and once there, they take the desired action. This requires productive online engagement rather than optimisation on its own.